Corky Gonzales was a founder of the Chicano movement of the 1960s in the American Southwest. He was also a boxer and a poet. With his poem Yo soy Joaquín, known in English as I Am Joaquin, Gonzales shared his new cosmological vision of the "Chicano", who was neither Indian nor European, neither Mexican nor American, but a combination of all the conflicting identities. He died at his home in Denver in 2005, saying, “I'm indigenous. I'm going to die at home among my family." .

“Soft brown eyes of expectation for a Better life.
And in all the fertile farmlands,
the barren plains,
the mountain villages, smoke-smeared cities,
we start to MOVE.
La raza!
Or whatever I call myself,
I look the same
I feel the same
I cry
Sing the same.
I am the masses of my people and
I refuse to be absorbed.
I am Joaquín.
The odds are great
But my spirit is strong,
My faith unbreakable,
My blood is pure.”
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